Cape Agulhas named Cabo das Agulhas “Cape of Needles”  by the early Portuguese explorers, is the southern most tip of the Africa, the meeting place of the Indian and Atlantic Ocean, and now the start of a new AWOL Shipwreck hiking trail due to be launched shortly.

Cape Agulhas shipwreck trail

This 3 day hiking trail in the Agulhas National Park follows in the footsteps of the Stone Age tribes that have walked this coastline for millennia as well as shipwreck survivors that attempted to return to Cape Town. I felt like one of them whilst researching the trail!
Cape Agulhas lighthouse
Whilst walking on our guided trail, guests will hear more about what happened to the people who escaped the world renowned “Graveyard of Ships”, see examples of ancient fish traps built by the “Strandlopers”, climb to the top of the second oldest working lighthouse in South Africa and have the opportunity to absorb the natural rugged beauty of the landscape in splendid isolation.
Apart from the stunning land and seascapes, catch a glimpse of Southern Right whales or Cape clawless otters. You would witness the daily struggles of life in the inter-tidal zone as well as see a myriad of other wildlife whilst exploring this coastal garden. The birdlife in the area is of world renown, with sightings of the endangered Blue Crane and Black Oyster Catcher, amongst many others.
The region is defined by the many shipwrecks that have occurred in these tempestuous waters. Even Churches and farmhouses were built from the  wrecks. Apart from the attractions along the trail, there is also a new and exciting wine route developing on the Agulhas Plains too, as well a rich tapestry of cultural heritage to be explored in the historic villages and surrounding towns.
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