Table Mountain  should be on your to do list when visiting Cape Town. Hiking up is the best way to go for an even more adventurous experience.  You don’t need to be very fit or experienced  as long as you have a little bit of stamina.  We share our top 6 tips for hiking up Table Mountain.

Table Mountain

  1. Safety first

It is advisable to book a tour with a qualified nature guide who knows the trails so that you do not get lost, especially when you opt for a longer route going up from the back of the mountain. Leave all valuable belongings at your accommodation (passport, expensive jewellery or a lot of cash) and carry as minimal things as possible. For emergency contact  numbers  see here.

Safe hiking on Table Mountain AWOL Tours

  1. Check the weather forecast

Always check the weather before you hike. Cloudy weather will result in poor visibility. And the cable car will be closed  on adverse weather.  On such  instances you may have to hike back down.

Weather Forecast Windguru

  1. Buy a map

You can also do the hike on your own. Remember, you are venturing on a mountain trail you are not familiar with. Invest in a well detailed map; we highly recommend Slingsby maps. This may also serve as a nice souvenir when you go back home. For suggestions on which hiking trails to take up see here

Slingsby map Table Mountain

  1. What to wear

You don’t have to buy expensive hiking  gear, unless you already have them.  Trainers with a tight grip should do.  Wear a hat and apply lots of sunscreen (especially in summer ). The weather changes constantly so it’s best to bring a warm jacket or a windbreaker.

Safe hiking on Table Mountain AWOL Tours

  1. Carry water

Carry at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water to avoid dehydration.  There are water taps on the longer hiking trails ie Kasteelspoort path where you can refill if you run out – but do not rely on that.

Safe hiking with enough water AWOL Tours

  1. Lunch and snacks

You can pack a sandwich, fruit and snacks to nibble on whilst taking breaks. You don’t want to eat too  much; just enough to get energy for the climb. There is a nice restaurant and a souvenir shop when you get to the top.

Picnic on Table Mountain AWOL Tours

If you are not confident to hike up on your  own, you can book a tour with us. We will arrange everything; from a qualified nature guide, transfer to and from your accommodation to  picnic lunch, snacks and water.

by Zizipho Silwana