I have been working as a front desk sales consultant at AWOL Tours based in the V&A Waterfront for just over 10 years and in this time have fielded some fairly strange questions: ” What time does the Noon day gun go off ?” and ” Can we walk to Robben Island ? ” are a few of my favourites.  Luckily, amusing queries about hiking and cycling tours in Cape Town are few and far between the more sensible ones. Here are five of the most frequent questions about doing hiking and cycling  AWOL Tours experiences in Cape Town.

1.What side of the road must I cycle on ?

In South Africa, we cycle (and drive) on the left hand side of the road, in single file; in the same direction of the traffic flow.  It is the law to wear a helmet while cycling, and we do supply helmets on all our cycle tours and bike rentals.  Your safety is always our priority.

Franschhoek winter cycling (6)

2. What is the recommended tip for the guide ?

Much like America and the United Kingdom, South Africa has a tipping culture.  Although tipping cultures can be complex, this is not a reason to avoid engaging with local etiquette. AWOL hiking and cycling guides are professional and certified guides with many years of experience and gratuity is always appreciated but never expected. A guideline would be between approx 10% of the tour price or ZAR 50 – R100pp for a half day experience and ZAR 150 – R300pp for a full day experience, however this is always at the guest’s discretion and according to the guest’s budget. If you enjoyed the tour but gratuity is out of your budget, then a positive review on TripAdvisor or Facebook will  be very much appreciated.

In South Africa a little always goes a long way.



3. Can I take photographs on the township tour ?

Yes, the Masiphumelele township is a very vibrant community and visitors are welcome to take photos.
This cultural bicycle tour does a great deal to promote local tourism and it supports partnerships dedicated to education and sustainable development. It is recommended within the photography community to request permission of any adult person before taking a portrait photo, however children love to pose for photos and will enjoy sharing this journey with you. Your guide will provide more information on acceptable photography practices on the day.School kids Masiphumelela

4. Can I hike Table Mountain alone ?

It is never advisable to hike any mountain alone; a Table Mountain summit is one of the most underestimated hiking experiences in Cape Town.  Yes, it can be walked alone, but hikers are cautioned to select their paths carefully, have a map, sunblock, snacks, something warm in their day pack, and carry enough water. Decent walking footwear is  essential.  AWOL Tours is available to provide free route information and  Slingsby Table Mountain hiking maps are available for purchase.  We are here to support your adventure as per your preference. It is always recommended that you advise your accommodation that you are hiking, which route you will be following and what time they should expect you back. The hikers network community app @MountainSafety has safely tracked over 9000 Table Mountain hikers and is most recommended for single hikers.

Safe hiking on Table Mountain AWOL Tours

5. What is the children policy on AWOL Tours ?

Children of any age are welcome to participate on tours, and we have children’s bicycles and bicycle seats available. Children under the age of 8 are welcome to join private tours when accompanied by an adult; Baby bikes carriers and kids seats for children under 3 years are complimentary.  There are many hiking options for children and we love sharing Cape Town with adventurous families. It is recommended to contact AWOL Tours in advance if children will be joining the tour, and the more information we have about the children: heights, age, ( dietary requirements for Table Mountain hikes) and their cycling or hiking experience and agility, the better prepared our guides can be to ensure that everyone feels included in the experience.


Kids on Masiphumelele bicycle township tour - AWOL Tours - www.awoltours.co.za

Kids on Masiphumelele bicycle township tour – AWOL Tours – www.awoltours.co.za

6. Where can I park at the V&A Waterfront to get to your office?

TheAWOL Tours office is next to the V&A Waterfront Clock Tower.  This is very close to the Nelson Mandela Gateway to Robben Island office. To find the closest parking at the V&A Waterfront is the Silo District P3 near the Silo Hotel. Free parking is available near the helicopters but its a long walk to our office. Please see rates and options on “Parkopedia

AWOL Tours office at the V&A Waterfront

AWOL Tours office at the V&A Waterfront

If there are any queries or questions that you have regarding Cape Town or AWOL Tours, our dedicated AWOL team would love to hear from you!  Please contact us on info@awoltours.co.za or call/ WhatsApp us on the AWOL hotline Mobile: +27-832346428