It’s Christmas and  people seem to go into panic mode. What to buy? Where to buy? How much to spend? If you’re one of those people then we at AWOL Tours encourage you to not fall trap into just buying more things that people don’t want or even need. Therefore, we have decided to gift our guests with a discount on all AWOL Tours hiking and cycling gift vouchers that will be valid through to Christmas next year.

Have you ever received a gift thinking, what must I do with this? It is true that even I use to be stuck in this mind set that so very often I find myself  rushing to the Malls, scouring the shelves for inspiration to buy that last-minute gift.  This year I’m trying to think differently about gifting. Inspiration for my gifts should be something really thoughtful and meaningful that my family or friends would really like. Or perhaps a unique collectors item that has some sentiment.

My first step  in doing so, was asking my 10 year old what he would really prefer for a Christmas present: a smartwatch or a holiday with our family? He immediately chose the latter.  Therefore my purpose is to drive this and provide an alternative gift to my loved ones  as well as  colleagues with a #holidayofalifetime experience this year.

In a recent study of 3,000 3-5-year-olds at Oxford University, it was found that children’s academic success was more dependent on their home environment and parent’s involvement than the toys or electronic devices they are given. Those who had fewer toys and no electronics, but had parents who spent more time with them, did better in school and in many areas of social and emotional development, suggesting that parents’ attention is better than any toy or screen.

“The happiness derived from a childhood experience is far more significant than the fleeting excitement of toys under the Christmas tree. Giving experiences that involve spending time together instead of gifting toys brings greater and longer-lasting joy. Don’t stress about the number of toys, Focus on making memories.”

Not only do material items such as toys add to more clutter in the homes, it is having a major impact on the environment in the long term and its costing us more in the end.  In having this new mind set even got me thinking of all the wrapping paper and packaging that gets thrown away after Christmas or any sort of gift. Is it worth it? There are now numerous eco-friendly as well as sustainable ways on the market in which we should be approaching this entire topic. See livekindly for more inspiration.

“Our previous research found that consumers derive more enduring happiness from experiences than from material goods, and our new studies show that experiences generate greater feelings of gratitude, with its resulting benefits,” said Amit Kumar, Ph.D.

AWOL Tours is gifting all our guests a 10% discount on a “Gift Cards” on all our tours valid for one year, until Christmas next year.  Children of all ages (from  0 to 90 years old) are welcome to participate  as we have bicycles for all sizes. Tour experiences are  valid till 24th Dec 2020. When booking through on our Book Now button enter “Xmas” as the promo code. Note that no date needs to be selected. We will email you a beautifully presentable personalized gift voucher to share with your gift recipient on Christmas day. Once your flights have been booked you can contact us with the dates to book the #highlightofyourholiday.

Step 1 above and step 2 below:

Think differently this Christmas, and about gifting in general. We encourage you to rather invest in an AWOL hiking or cycling tour experience that will be a  “Holiday of a lifetime”!