“Lutho, AWOL’s bicycle township guide, takes you on a journey that is filled with the sights and sounds of Masi, as it is affectionately referred to. Lutho who grew up in Masi has been guiding for AWOL Tours for almost 2 years and has contributed greatly to the success of the Cape Town Masiphumelele Cultural Bicycle Tour.

The Masi residents go about their days with quiet vibrancy; the crèches are abound with kids eager to learn and the Mamas who gently care for them. Fires burn hot with coals that supply an interesting choice of street food , mechanic’s, seamstresses and shop owners busy themselves with great enthusiasm. They live up to their name, Masiphumelele; which translates to “let us succeed” in Xhosa.

The township is well catered for with a well-stocked and equipped library that offers various free computer training, a primary and high school, clinic and churches. Lutho’s knowledge and
intimate connection with Masi, gives one insight and a greater internal understanding of how and why things work the way they do.


The lunch stop at Noni’s house was extraordinary. Noni is a wonderful, unobtrusive host who opens her home to serve a delicious African meal. I was nervous as I really cannot “do” spicy food but Noni has read her clients well and toned her spice down substantially without compromising the deliciousness! Her home is cool and serene offering one a slight reprieve from the outside hustle and bustle.

AWOL’s bicycle township tour allows one to get a feel for the township without feeling that you are compromising the residents of this vibrant township. To join this highlight of Cape Town experience please check availability and book now on  your preferred  travel date.  Lutho looks forward to sharing his unique South African community with you.

Blog contribution by Sue Walker