As the world goes into #lockdown to contain the spread of the COVID19, AWOLTours goes into a #Slowdown. For the first time in more than a decade we have been temporary forced to stop #hikingtours and #bikingtours to remain indoors. Outdoor free-spirited folk like us take real strain in being house bound.

Like when doing an ultra-marathon or extreme cross-country endurance mountainbike race, there always come a time when you feel like hitting the wall and giving up. I find it imperative to keep a positive mindset and seeking inspiration from the beautiful landscape.

We are doing the following pro-active steps to remain positive. We are masters of our minds!

  1. Keep positive thoughts & limit exposure to the negative social media hype.
  2. Keep a routine – make your bed each day, eat meals at same time and keep to your yoga/Pilates schedule online as much as possible.
  3. Focus on healthy meals – only eat those stored up special chocolate treats on week-ends
  4. Use your time well and enjoy timeout to defrag and #slowdown. The frenetic pace of life will soon be back so no point stressing out about things we cannot change.
  5. Friendship is the new currency; Use the time to love and support each other, through challenges like these we find strength in numbers. Every cloud has a silver lining.

And for those of us who suffer from FOMO, we can take a break as there is not much to miss out on.  And if you finding yourself at home with a lot more time on your hands, is this not the perfect opportunity to plan your next adventure?  Challenge yourself to a #holidayofalifetime that will get you off the couch and training; or a new destination to explore.

Due to the current situation, our office is unplugging for 21 days as part of the COVID-19 SA National Lockdown, starting Friday, 27 March until Friday, 17th April.

AWOL Tours looks forward to hearing from you to organise your dream adventure hiking and cycling holidays in Cape Town as soon as the travel bans are lifted. We have guaranteed departures for small private groups that are both safe and informative.