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“Thank you for organising another brilliant mini tour for us again this year. Despite the erratic weather we had a great time and Jeremy kept the boys fully occupied! He was, as ever, brilliant and Kim was a wonderful addition to the team. I hope we will be calling on your services again next year.” –  Jennifer Akhurst UK August 2015

“A lot of the activities we had planned whilst we were in Cape Town kept getting cancelled because of the rain. Fortunately, we were able to organise a bike tour of the city with Jeremy from AWOL. Despite the rain, we had a fantastic time and learned a lot about Cape Town history from Jeremy. We were lucky that there were only the two of us on the tour so we were able to pepper Jeremy with a lot of questions. We also managed to do the Table Mountain hike with them as well. We had a fantastic time with Sally (our guide). The hike was well organised and thought out. Definitely recommend taking up a tour with them.” – C Rayees UAE July 2015

“We did the Cape Town cycling tour today and we had a blast. Bikes are  in perfect condition, the sights were great and they are very neat and organized.  Now, the best part was Mark, the tour guide. Not only he explained everything with the most patience and knowledge, he gave us tips on restaurants and tours among other stuff.” – R Szpigel May 2015

“AWOL Tours was an outstanding group to deal with during our recent two-couples visit to Cape Town. Sally tailored the Cape Point tour to our needs! Our guide and driver, Jeremy was a pleasure to spend the day with, easy-going, flexible, informative, and engaged. In between the township bike tour and the lighthouse walk, he took us to the delightful Cape Farm cafe, happy to discuss the whole scope of South Africa with us over lunch. Even though it was late in the day, Jeremy drove us back along the coast to visit penguins and Simonstown, going miles out of his way to our new digs. Even for seasoned travellers, this was a remarkable, high-value day, due in good measure to a wonderful, personal tour guide and company. If you are planning a day at Cape Point, book with AWOL. If you aren’t, change your plans!” – Geoff Australia April 2015

“Fantastic experience on a city cycle tour! Meike adapted to our pace. The group was a small group and Meike was very dynamic and a great guide!  We really enjoyed Cape Town and would definitely recommend this tour to our friends and family! Keep up the great work!” –  Paris February 2015

“I was so impressed with the Sunday morning City Cycle Tour my daughter and I did with Dave from AWOL Tours. As a Cape Tonian I discovered so many aspects of this beautiful city that I had not been aware of and would only be aware of when doing a cycle tour with an expert such as Dave. I highly recommend this tour and look forward to doing the township tour in the near future.” – Lindsay Quail, South Africa, August 2014

“My daughter and I enjoyed a fabulous hike up Table Mountain with Mark Sickle. We chose the longer route and were so pleased as it was both challenging and beautiful–exactly what we hoped for. The views were tremendous and we felt a great sense of accomplishment when we reached the top!” – August 2014

“Our Bicycle township tour with Leonard and Zwai was absolutely excellent. We were in South Africa for two and a half weeks and this was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. We did other trips in other parts of SA with other companies and the guides were no where near as good as Leonard and  Zwai.” – Kevin Borris UK Feb 2013

“This is just a quick note to thank you once again for my guided tour up Table mountain a week past Thursday, it really was one of the many highlights of my all too short trip to Cape Town. Hope your cycle tours the day after, all went well and next time I have the pleasure of a trip to South Africa it will certainly be near the top of my list of things to do. Well we have a long weekend over here this weekend so may get my hiking boots back out now my legs have recovered…. Thanks again” – Ed Riddell UK May 2012

“I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you. We had an absolutely wonderful time today and are so happy we chose AWOL for our personalized tour!”

“Neil in particular was spectacular. He had such an immense knowledge of just about everything as my husband and I threw tons of specific questions at him (my husband is an avid cyclist and triathlete and I had a lot of random questions about South Africa and tourism, the economy, biology, racial issues, etc..) and he had such detailed, informed and interesting answers. He knew dates and names and was mostly was excited about what he was talking about. It was lovely! He was wonderful to spend the day with and he especially paid attention to our interests and helped make our day very memorable. And for the tour itself, it was perfect. I was worried it might end up being a lot of cycling, cycling, cycling so therefore hard to enjoy the Cape and its scenery, but it was a fantastic combination of site-seeing, biking, and relaxing. We saw much more than we thought we could fit in a day and it all went by so smoothly and easily that I didn’t even realize I was tired until I got home and sat in bed! But I wanted to make sure to let you know while its all still fresh in my mind and express our gratitude for one of the best tours we’ve ever taken.” – Grace Nieh August 2011

“We really enjoyed our trip to South Africa and especially the Table Mountain walk with Jason Menzies. Our main impression was how friendly and helpful everyone was. We were never short of information or advice on where to visit – we just tried to fit too much into our trip but we have some good ideas for next time.” – Fiona Wilson UK May 2011

“I would just like to say that Neil was superb – he is a great guide and really helped us to have a brilliant day. Thanks a lot!” – Ian Dogment UK April 2011

“Thank you so much for bringing us on the bicycle township tour! It was absolutely amazing and I can tell you that this was one of the best moment in these 2 months here in Cape Town. I really felt to be with the people in the township and all amazing children that circled around us. I really hope I can come back one day!” – Anna & Bahare Swedish Interns April 2011

“We enjoyed this hike so much everything was perfectly prepared so that we could have a great experience. But what is the best organisation without the right people. Thanx much again to Leonard a very professional and nice guy, as well as Henry. We’ll keep your company in mind” – Axel and Ute Dreschner Germany Jan 2011

“What impressed us were knowledge, customization and the experienced service. Above all though the passion of you Sally and your guides about what we were seeing and doing. You were also extremely helpful about things which were not necessarily part of our booked tours. We felt an overall envelope of safety, which we had with our guides. We are not the grand adrenaline chasers (yet) which AWOL are capable of offering, but we had the best vacation of our lives.” – Celina Lunsford Germany February 2010

“You pick up the phone immediately and call when at the time you said. That is something that I experience as rare here in SA. I’m from Holland myself. Zwai and his friend, I think his name was Morgan were so polite! They told us very much and we could ask as much questions as we wanted.”– Brenda Holland Nov 2010

“Monica and I thoroughly enjoyed the cycle tour. It was definitely one of the highlights of our first-ever trip to South Africa. It was pleasure having Sally as our tour guide and she was very attentive to our tailored preferences for the trip.” – Francisco Garrido USA January 2010

“Since we customized our tour, we did the things we really wanted to do. I don’t know if I would bother with the penguins again and I thought the baboon walk would be more hiking. We really enjoyed the Cape Point part of the trip –beautiful scenery, the bike ride, lighthouse, picnic, etc. We would recommend Sally to anyone visiting Cape Town – she was very friendly, informative, easy to be around and professional– we all enjoyed her company.” – Megan Buck USA Dec 2009

“The great thing about this tour was the opportunity to actually sit and talk to people about what is going on in South Africa – as a tourist, there is often an expectation that what you want is to see singing and dancing – when for many people I think what they want is to talk about the politics and history of your fantastically interesting country. Thanks for a memorable day” – Alex Crossman & Emma Norton UK August 2009

“Thanks a million for everything. You get my award for best leader ever. Arrived home an hour ago. Miss being there and with the group already. I feel like I saw, did and learned so much on top of doing the best cycling ever. I plan to pick up the book Around Africa on my Bicycle, to keep the vibe going. Baie dankie!! “ – Angela Brian USA Oct 2009

“Sally, I have the very best memories of our days together, you were an amazing leader, and I am most grateful that we had you and Henk to show us some of the splenders of your beautiful country. I will advise everyone to put South Africa on their agenda.” – Kirsten Oct 2009

“We were impressed by Henk’s knowledge and easy-going style, not to mention the fact that he was athletic and a perfect match for our family” – Greg Sacks Canadian August 2008

“We had a fantastic craft tour that couldn’t have been organised better. The pacing was great as we covered a great range of areas and not too much road travel. I liked the way we mostly had two nights at one place. I particularly enjoyed meeting up with local artists etc. The township walk is very memorable. Thanks for arranging leopard and cheetah, mating lions and superb birds to follow us around Kruger.”  – Jane Atkinson Australia May 2008

“There are not enough positive adjectives in the English language to describe Sally’s people skills, her broad knowledge of many topics, her ability to tell the amusing story at just the right time and her skill at keeping a sense of humor when tested by those who might want to bend the rules (such as me)!”
 — Sandra English USA April 2008

“Sally was an enthusiastic, vivacious leader. She loves her job and it is very evident. She went to great lengths to answer any and all questions. She was knowledgeable about the history of South Africa, the flora, the fauna, the politics-a wonderful experience of another country and culture. People sensitive, handled unexpected situations with grace and efficiency. Have the highest praise for Sally. Knowledgeable,funny, helpful, caring, friendly, just a great gal. She made my trip” – Ginny Lloyd USA April 2008

“Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful experience for us. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and frankness made this our most memorable trip ever (especially the township).” Stephanie and Andy USA October 2007

“Thank you for many kindnesses you showed us, especially for your comprensible explanations on botany, to which I believe all the tour participants enjoyed listening attentively. Though our stay in South Africa lasted only a few days, each day was full. I’d like to express our thanks for all you had done to us.”  – Hitoshi San Japan August 2007

“I just wanted to thank you again for arranging the Masiphumelele township tour….it was amazing!”– Dustin Ross USA August 2007

“It was the best trip I’ve ever been on and Sally was an a great guide” – Danny Ramez, USA March 2007

“This day was one of the highlights of our honeymoon! Felt like the guide, Jason could not do enough for us – really thought of everything, water, sunscreen, snacks, etc. Also, the tour sounded expensive, but it was actually very good value for money. We had a really excellent time, feel lucky we were able to do the ride with you guys” – Bernadette O’Brien, Australia November 2006

“The tour was fantastic. Jason really knew what he was talking about and had a great knowledge of the paths and the plants, and I was excited to hear about how AWOL is conservation-orientated” – Brian Bently USA June 2006

“Sally was an amazing tour guide. I really enjoyed having her around for the whole trip. She put a lot of effort into making sure we were all happy.” – Susan Burns, Canadian March 2006

“Sally was a gem, attractive, intelligent and with the required sense of humour necessary to deal with RAC personage. She was a mine of information on the country, its history and people, and had a way of endearing herself to the local people she encountered with her personal genuine interest. Later in Cape Town we were to meet her Australian husband, Leif, who had similar qualities. They were fully aware of the difficult and threatening issues facing the country but you had to admire their optimism.” – Paul Ventham, UK February 2006

“We will treasure the memories we made with Sally during our trip to South Africa.” – Lisa Porter, Costa Rica January 2006

“The picture reminds me of a nice walk on a sunny day in the beautiful Drakensbergen with a pretty guide. I want to thank you for you nice company and for your knowledge of nature you were always prepared to share with us.”
– Riet Jongejan, Nederlands October 2005

“If you’re thinking of visiting Cape Town, make sure you call Sally. We organised a guided mountain bike tour of The Cape. She is a magnificent guide and a wondeful person. She is very knowledgeable and will literally organise whatever tour at whatever price you can afford. For us she organised a hike, followed by biking around the cape then it was off to sit on one of the many beaches to drink wine and watch the sun go down.Oh and her boyfriend is an Australian so she understands us :-).”  – Simon Harris, Melbourne Australia Dec 2004.

“A truly wonderful off-the-beaten-track trip to beautiful and remote areas of a fantastic country. Every day was different, and every day was special. It was like taking a great road trip with friends, without having to organise anything! Many, many happy memories”. – Tess and Daniel Hill, London, UK Sept2004

“Sally I wanted to write a note of thanks to you for not only providing an exemplary tour, but for also being so kind to me. You showed me just how beautiful South Africa is, both in it’s land and people. The work you do with the less privildeged is important and if I can be of help at all, please do write. I will look for you tonight at the concert, but in case I miss you, thanks for everything.PS Your snoek pate was lovely.” Chloe, Birmingham, United States Jan 2004

“Sally, thanks to you and Vanessa for making my stay so special” – Clare, UK, Nov 2003