The Christmas season in Cape Town is always a time of renewed compassion. Many guests who join our Bicycle Township tours in December always ask how they can give back to the Cape Town community and this kindness always brings back an appreciation for what we do.

Christmas township tour giftsAWOL Tours encourages our guests, friends and family to give responsibly this Christmas. Recommended gifts include locally made hand-crafted gifts rather than an imported ones, durable wooden toys rather than plastic or a charitable donation to a community in need. Many charitable organisations ensure tangible change and upliftment which is a perfect opportunity to ensure that a small kindness has longevity and will be managed in a sustainable way.

township local purchase for christmas gifts

All our guests on the Masiphumelele Bicycle Township tour are assured that through our partnership with BEN and Masicorp that their donations (included in the price of the tour) will be allocated to much needed educational projects and development in Masiphumelele.

The Masiphumelele community has had an tumultuous year. Many fires have damaged houses, political sensitivities and riots have made it difficult for local businesses to operate and challenging for the scholars and commuters. Many students had to be evacuated out the township in order to ensure that they could safely study and attend exams. Just recently both our AWOL guide Zwai and office consultant Zizi lost their homes and belongings in the blaze that destroyed 800 homes.

masi fire masicorp

We ask Guests when visiting the township to please not bring sweets or balloons and also not to give anything to the kids on the streets. If guests to Masiphumelele would like to give a meaningful gift, we can recommend educational toys or books, children clothes to be given through the Masivelani school or Masicorp non profit organisation so that it can be distributed to those most in need. The Ukhanyo Primary Maths Lab is always in need of ‘whiteboard markers’ (red, blue, green and black) which are easy to pack, no need for import permit and in great need by Scott & Laurie who operate a project at the school. Alternatively guests can make a donation towards Masicorp bursary programme which has long lasting benefits to the recipients (like our previous AWOL employee Loyiso Tunce who now works in the Premiers office)

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But above all else, just by participating on an AWOL Bicycle Township tour in Masiphumelele guests are giving back to the community, contributing to meaningful job creation, business support and at the same time donating to Masicorp and assisting us to fulfil our promise to promote responsible tourism.