West Coast Birding and Photography Tours

Arrange aprivate guided West Coast Birding and Photography Tour from Cape Town,where you’ll have the opportunity to view endemic and migrant bird species in theWest Coast National Parkbiome.

AWOL Tours can arrange a private guided birding photography tour of the West Coast National Park, departing from Cape Town upon request. This tour offers an unforgettable experience for birding enthusiasts, with various options. The West Coast National Park is a birding paradise that showcases diverse species throughout the year. While the park offers excellent birding opportunities year-round, there are certainly highlights depending on the season. In the summer, the park becomes a haven for waders, providing a fantastic opportunity to observe these migratory birds. Winter brings the chance to spot birds like the Antarctic Tern as they migrate north from the Southern Ocean and can be seen at Tsaarsbank within the park. Our experienced guides are not only knowledgeable about birds but also skilled in photography techniques.

They will be available to provide photography teaching and tips throughout the tour, helping you capture the best shots of the avian wonders and picturesque scenery. The park’s Strandveld region is home to several endemic and near-endemic bird species, making it a must-visit area. Keep an eye out for the impressive Southern Black Korhaan and other near-endemics during your tour. We can provide you with comprehensive lists of these bird species, including their likelihood of being seen. To enhance your birding experience, the West Coast National Park offers exceptional hides. Geelbekand Seeberg hides are renowned for their ability to provide fantastic sightings of migrant waders during the summer months. Geelbek is best visited during mid tide, while Seeberg is ideal during high tide. Additionally, the hide at Abrahamskraal, located near the park’s only freshwater source, attracts a wide variety of birds coming to drink. For a full-day birding adventure, we recommend enjoying lunch at Langebaan, a town near the park.

This allows you to refuel and continue your birding exploration within the park for the rest of the day. If you prefer a combo of half-day birding, you can indulge in a lunch at one of the delightful establishments in the nearby town of Darling. Options include Darling Brewery, Darling Cellars, or Groote Post Winery, where you can relax, relish delicious food, and discuss the incredible bird sightings.

No matter which option you choose, the West Coast National Park promises unforgettable birding encounters and breathtaking natural beauty. We are here to assist you in organizing your tour, including lunch arrangements. Prepare your binoculars, camera, and enthusiasm for a remarkable birding experience in the West Coast National Park. Please let us know if you have any further inquiries or require additional assistance. Happy birding!

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