AWOL Tours is now able to offer Mountain biking tours at night, an exhilarating way to experience adventure on the slopes of Table Mountain when visiting Cape Town.Table Mountain biking riding at night
As is becoming evident by the increasing number of trail lights on Table Mountain, more and more mountain bikers are discovering the thrill of riding at night. Not only is it a great to have extra hours after a full days work to ride but also to have the solitude of being on the mountain without the crowds.

mountain biking night ride table mountain

The first time I did single track ride was at night and I found myself navigating technical sections that I would never have attempted in broad daylight. For me I began night riding out of necessity when day time with limited to work and motherhood responsibilities. Now I can get the kids ready for bed and head out the door as soon as my husband gets home from work. I love the rebellion of being out in nature after dark when all my senses are awakened. There is also a better chance of spotting wildlife. In the past, we have spotted tortoises, porcupines, caracal, grysbok, endangered leopard toad and owls on the slopes of Table Mountain. And I found from personal experience it does improve technical riding skills.

endangered leapord toad spotted on mountain bike night ride
Rides start at 7pm from restaurant in Cape Town with option of transfers from hotel prior to departure point. Guests are kitted out with AL129 Momsem mountain bike with front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes and 29’ wheels. Typically each rider will have both a helmet and front handlebar light of 980 lumen. Having two lights enables the rider to have a wide beam to light up the trail and a penetrating beam to go the way you heading. Typically the route will be 12-18km long, riding for about 2 hours with some hill climbing depending on the groups cycling ability. Single tracks are limited at Rhodes memorial with an option of doing an alternative route. On return to the restaurant, riders can stay for a drink and meal at own expense.

Night riding will be an ideal opportunity for mountain bikers visiting Cape Town for a conference or work trip and those with not enough time in the day to fit in all your adventurous activities on Table Mountain.

Table Mountain biking riding at night1

Tours will depart on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm or on request for a minimum of 4 people booking. Special offers of R1000 per person are available for the Halloween month of October. Book your spot here or email for more details.